40th Anniversary of Eesti Joonisfilm Studio at Solaris Centre (Tallinn)

The exhibition Studies of People and Lines since 1971 celebrating 40 years of operation of Eesti Joonisfilm Studio will be opened in Tallinn, Estonia in the Solaris Centre atrium on Thursday 17 November at 16:00. Cartoon animation begins with the pencil line. The expressiveness of the characters depends on the nature of that pencil line, and that, in turn, determines the expressiveness of the entire film. An average of 30 000 drawings are made for a 10 minute film. Only a fraction of these drawings are preserved in the Eesti Joonisfilm archives. These are finely crafted drawings. One forgets moving pictures when looking at these drawings and the static charm of these sheets emerges. The logic of the studies requires that the drawings be grouped thematically. We see how men, women, children, animals, people, relationships and other themes have been depicted through the years. The core of former auteurs and of those of the present is represented by separate examples of style – Rein Raamat, Avo Paistik, Priit and Olga Pärn, Heiki Ernits, Janno Põldma, Priit Tender, Ülo Pikkov and Kaspar Jancis. The exhibition will remain open until 30 November.