Animated film


Original title PLEKKMÄE LIIDI
English title LITTLE LILLY
Script Author Mati Kütt
Director Mati Kütt
Design Mati Kütt
Merike Peil
Riina Kütt
Composer Rauno Remme
Photography Ruth-Helene Kaasik
Animators Marje Ale
Ülle Metsur
Tiina Mänd
Evelin Temmin
Maigi Tross
Tarmo Vaarmets
Margus Lõvi
Riina Kütt
Eda Kurg
Cast Kristel Kütt
Viire Valdma
Peeter Oja
Mihkel Smeljanski
Jüri Vlassov
Lauri Leesi
Peter Herzog
Sound Design Jaak Elling
Editor Irja Müür
Producers Kalev Tamm
Linda Sade

© 1995 Eesti Joonisfilm
15’40″ / 35mm/ 1,37:1 / 2 reels / 433,8m / Beta SP 4:3 / colour / mono

Adults have labelled everything in this world into good and bad, useful and unnecessary. Flies, for example, are an extremely boring and unpleasant phenomena, better to be killed off. Little Lilly has decided to stand up for the flies. She even presents a scientific tractata, arguing pro and contra. In protest against her father’s activities Lilly starts a hunger strike. In result the little girl becomes even less, falls into the vacuum cleaner, from there to dump and rather perilous situations. But then, it is the flies who come among others to save the girl and a happy ending of the film.

Production of this film supported by