Animated film


Original title MARATON
English title MARATHON
Script Author Kaspar Jancis
Director Kaspar Jancis
Art Director and Background Artist Kaspar Jancis
Music Composed and Arranged by Karandila Gypsy Brass Orchestra
Animators Tarmo Vaarmets
Marje Ale
Ülle Metsur
Sound Design Horret Kuus
Editor Kaspar Jancis
Producer Kalev Tamm

© 2006 Eesti Joonisfilm
14’38″ / 35mm/ 1,85:1 / 1 reel / 405,5m / Beta SP 16:9 / HD Cam / colour / Dolby Surround

A small town is gripped with excitement in anticipation of the annual marathon.  Instead of the starting shot, a bomb explodes.  A chain of events is set off and nobody can guess how it will end. The police inspector, a sculptor, a gang of crooks operating in the vicinity of a public lavatory – all of them have to go through their own marathon.  Only a balloon released by chance glides on its own without knowing how things began or how they will end.

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