Animated film


Original title GRAVITATSIOON
English title GRAVITATION
Script Author Priit Tender
Director Priit Tender
Art Directors Priit Tender
Krista Lepland
Composer Tõnu Kõrvits
Photography Ruth-Helene Kaasik
Iia Vanaisak
Animators Maigi Tross
Tarmo Vaarmets
Riina Kütt
Evelin Temmin
Marje Ale
Mailis Salvet
Eda Kurg
Ülle Metsur
Cast Tormi Kevvai
Karin Tammaru
Sound Design Mati Schönberg
Editor Irja Müür
Producers Kalev Tamm
Linda Sade

© 1996 Eesti Joonisfilm
9’02″ / 35mm/ 1,37:1 / 1 reel / 249,9m / Beta SP 4:3 / colour / mono

Young Udo has a burning desire to fly. However, he does not know that there is a law which keeps things on the ground and that one must let go of things in order to fly. The results can be disastrous for some. Flight is a dream, after all, which falls apart when it comes true.
Gravitation on the other hand is reality which in the end turns each flight into a fall. Young Udo reaches a new level through this painful understanding. Now he sees the world from another angle.

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