Animated film


Original title TUUKRID VIHMAS
English title DIVERS IN THE RAIN
Script Author Priit Pärn
Directors Priit Pärn
Olga Pärn
Art Directors Priit Pärn
Olga Pärn
Character Artist Priit Pärn
Background and Colour Artists Priit Pärn
Olga Pärn
Animators Tarmo Vaarmets
Marje Ale
Ülle Metsur
Tiina Ubar
Sound Design Horret Kuus
Editors Priit Pärn
Olga Pärn
Producer Kalev Tamm

© 2010 Eesti Joonisfilm
23’21” / 35mm / 1,85:1 / 2 reels / 705m / Beta SP 16:9 / HD-Cam / colour / Dolby Surround

This is a story about an everyday diver and a night dentist. Their kisses are always good-bye kisses. He is a diver and he has to dive. She is tired and has to sleep. But there are no silent places in her dreams. And a big ship is slowly sinking in the rain. Nobody knows when it is time for the last cigarette.

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