Film director

Born on March 24, 1953 in Tallinn.

Graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical Institute as a teacher of art and manual training.
Studied briefly in the advanced state-wide course for film directors in Moscow.  Expelled in 1979 for “palming off” an inadvisable “detrimental” caricature for publication in the humor journal Pikker.
Has worked as a photographer, art teacher, art director and film director.  He is a freelance artist.
He has designed book covers and layouts, company trademarks, and illustrated numerous publications – Pikker, Põhjanael, Anne, Pahkasika, Eesti Ekspress, Tervisetrend, and others.
He has made numerous commercials, such as – Hyundai computers – awarded at the Estonian commercial competition in 1993, Mazda 626, Lada – awarded at the Helsinki commercial competition in 1991, Ofelia liquor, Postimees daily newspaper, confectioner Kalev’s Christmas greeting in 1997, confectioner Kalev’s Christmas greeting in 1998, Bank of Northern Estonia, and many others.
Participated in numerous exhibitions of caricatures in Estonia and abroad.  Earned the Golden Tooth award at the Homo Sapiens exhibition in Vilnius in 1983, and a monetary award (100 rubles) at the Dance Hall caricature exhibition in 1984.
Member of the ESTTRANSSÜRR art group.
He has put together three solo exhibitions – Crab (1996), Cow (1998), Blood (1999).
He has worked as an artist and later as a film director in the animated film department of Tallinnfilm Studio since 1978.  His first job in film was assistant art director of Rein Raamat’s animated film Field (1978).  He worked as co-artist on the films Is it Still Fat (1978), Tõll the Great (1980) and Hell (1983).

Animated (traditiona) films:

1981 MEETING (a short story from an animated film “1+1+1”, 10 min, 35mm)

1984 KALLE AND THE MONSTER (10 min, 35mm)

1985-87 RAMSES’S TRICKS I – IV (10 min, 35mm)

1989 COLUMN (10 min, 35mm)


(a short story from an animated film “3 x 1”, 10 min, 35mm)

1991 DEPARTURE (10 min, 35mm)

  • Youth jury award from Tampere International Short Film Festival, Finland 1992

1994 JAAGUP AND DEATH (10 min, 35mm)

1995 LEGENDS OF TALLINN (co-director Leo Lätti, 14 min, 35mm)

  • Jury special prize from Kiel’s International Archeological Film Festival, Germany 1996

1997 TOM & FLUFFY (13 x 6 min. serial, co-directors Janno Põldma ja Leo Lätti)

  • 1st prize in series category from Pärnu Film Days, Estonia 1997

2000 LOTTE JORNEY SOUTH (13 x 5 min. serial, co-director Janno Põldma)

  • The Estonian Film Critics (FIPRESCI) Prize for the best film of the year 2000

2001 LADYBIRDS’ CHRISTMAS (co-director Janno Põldma, 51 min, video)

  • 1st prize in the feature length animated film category at the Krok 2002 International Animated Film Festival in Kiev, Ukraine 2002

2002 CONCERT ON A CARROT PIE (co-director Janno Põldma, 12 min, 35mm)

  • Encouragement Award from Hida International Animation Festival of Folktales and Fables, 1st Animation Contest, Japan 2003
  • Best Animated Film of 1st International Animated Film Festival BIMINI, Latvia 2003
  • Special Recognition of the Children’s Jury from 43rd International Film Festival for Children and Youth ZLIN, Scezh 2003
  • The Best Animation Film for Children from 1st International Animated Film Festival TINDIRINDIS, Lithuania 2003
  • The Silver Elephant Award in Best Animation Category from The Golden Elephant International Children’s Film Festival, India 2003
  • Special Mention “Unexpected Moments of Madness” from I Castelli Animati International Animated Film Festival, Italy 2003

2006 LOTTE FROM GADGETVILLE (co-director Janno Põldma, traditional animation, 81 min, 35mm)

  • Award for the Best Film of 2006 from the Ene and Tõnis Kask Foundation of the Estonian National Culture Foundation.
  • Children jury award and  International jury award from DIVERCINE  International Children Film Festival Montevideo, Uruguay 2007
  • Best feature length animation LIELAIS KRISTAPS, Latvia 2007
  • Fred, der Goldene Gossi, children jury award for festival best film from 19 Bielefeld Kids Festival, Germany 2007
  • Best feature length animation from TINDIRINDIS International Animated Film Festival, Lithuania 2007

2007 LIGHTS IN THE NIGHT (2 min / 35mm / a short story from an animated film BLACK CEILING)
2011 LOTTE AND THE MOONSTONE SECRET (co-director Janno Põldma / 76 min / 35mm)

  • Estonian Cultural Endowment award PUBLIKU FILM 2012
  • Audience 1st Prize at the Leeds Young People’s Film Festival, Great Britain 2012
  • Children’s Feature Animation 3rd Prize at the ANIMA MUNDI International Animated Film Festival, Brazil 2012
  • Feature Animation 1st Prize at the NUEVA MIRADA International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Argentina 2012
  • Encouraging Diploma from the TINDIRINDIS International Animated Film Festival, Lithuania 2012
  • Special Mention Diploma in the Nomination “Animation Films” from the International Adult Jury at the ReAnimania International Animated Film Festival, Armenia 2012
  • 2nd Prize Animated Feature Film, Adult Jury at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, USA 2012
  • Special Award for Best Film Fairy Tale at the LISTOPAD International Film Festival in Minsk, Belarus 2012
  • Best Animation Film at the 8th International Children’s Film Festival in Bengaluru, India 2013
  • Best Animation Film at the 5th CMS International Children’s Film Festival, Lucknow, India 2013
  • Special Mention Prize given by the Children’s Jury at the 3rd KINOJAZDA Film Festival for Children and Teenagers, Nowy Sacz, Poland 2013
  • Golden Centipede – statuette for the best film awarded by the Festival audience from the 3rd KINOJAZDA Film Festival for Children and Teenagers, Nowy Sacz, Poland 2013