Born in 1976 in Tallinn, Estonia.Kristjan Holm

Graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1999 as an interior designer. In time though, the understanding, that a room is limited to four walls started to trouble him. His unexpected discovery that the film frame also has four walls was the final impulse that caused him to change his subject and dedicate his life to investigating the ties between frames and walls.


2008 SMALL HOUSE (6’15”)

  • Special prize of Jury from Festival Linoleum, Russia 2009

2009 ESCAPE (5’40”)

2011 BIG HOUSE (10’24″)

  • Audience award from animated films festival Anilogue, Hungary 2011
  • Best Sound(scape) Award from ISFF Filmfest Dresden, Germany 2012
  • Special mention from animated film festival Fest Anca, Slovakia 2012
  • Bronze Jabberwocky from IFF Etiuda&Anima, Poland 2012
  • Audience award + Jury special mention from Lea Zagury from Animateka, Slovenia 2012


  • Best animated short film award from International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm, Czech 2014
  • Jury Special Mention from European Film Forum Scanorama, Lithuania 2014
  • Grand Prix from animated films festival Animated Dreams, Estonia 2014

2015 DOT (3’50)

2016 FULL HOUSE (17’00”)