Kaspar Jancis’ animated film Piano won an award in Greece

Kaspar Jancis’ animated film Piano, completed in 2015 at the studio Eesti Joonisfilm, took part in the competition programme at the AnimaSyros International Animation Festival 9.0 + Agora, in Greece, and took home the jury’s special prize. The festival is the biggest and most important animated film festival in Greece, which is accompanied by a film market. AnimaSyros is an important meeting place for film makers, professionals in the field and the film going public.

Kaspar Jancis’ Piano has received awards from festivals in Russia, Georgia, and Bulgaria. In addition, the film was presented with the Cultural Endowment of Estonia’s Audio-Visual Foundation Annual Award for Animated Film 2015.

Piano is a film without main characters where the lives of characters that have lost their head intertwine in a dramatic and less dramatic way in an ordinary concrete panel apartment building.

The film was completed at the Eesti Joonisfilm studio and the film was supported by the Estonian Film Institute and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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