Priit Tender’s Animated Cartoon House of Unconsciousness Won an Award at the Artfilmfest International Film Festival in Slovakia

The Artfilmfest that was held in Slovakia on 19-26 June is one of the largest and most important international festivals in its region. The festival has been held in three Slovakian cities since 1993 when Slovakia gained its independence. Priit Tender’s animated film House of Unconsciousness was in the festival’s short film competition programme and was awarded the Special Jury Prize. The jury’s explanation was as follows: “The film breaks into our dreams and projects them onto the big screen using the most appropriate medium for it – animation.”
This is already the third award that this film has brought home from festivals.

For further information about the festival and the award:

House of Unconsciousness was completed in 2015 at Eesti Joonisfilm Studio. The Estonian Film Institute and the Estonian Cultural Endowment supported the film’s completion.