Lotte and the Moonstone Secret Now Available in Book Form!

Eesti Joonisfilm Studio is pleased to announce to all of Lotte’s friends who love to read that now their beloved character’s most recent adventure is available in book form.

Lotte and the Moonstone Secret is the third book about Lotte’s adventures. As with the first two books, the main emphasis of this story is on highlighting positive values in life like friendship, noticing others around you, and the willingness to help those who are in trouble.

One night, two strangers steal into Gadgetville. They are looking for three stones that the old traveller dog Klaus brought back from his last trip. Klaus kept one of the stones and his travelling companions kept the other two. Realising that there is a secret to those stones, Lotte and Klaus set out in search of the other two stones. When Klaus unexpectedly falls ill, Lotte continues on the journey alone. Soon it turns out that the secret of the stones is much bigger than Lotte and Klaus could have imagined…

This book is based on the animated film Lotte and the Moonstone Secret by Janno Põldma and Heiki Ernits. The author is Janno Põldma and Heiki Ernits drew the pictures. Eesti Joonisfilm published the book. The book is hardback and in Estonian.

The public presentation of the book will be held on 29 November at 17:00 in the Solaris Centre at the Apollo bookstore. Lotte and the book’s authors will be present.

The book is available here

Come join the adventure with Lotte and Klaus, and solve the moonstone secret!