AHHAA Presents the Lotte 4D Adventure Film

Starting on Friday, 29 June, the 4D adventure film Ahhaa, Visiting Lotte! created by Eesti Joonisfilm Studio especially for AHHAA will open at the AHHAA Science Centre 4D adventure movie theatres in Tartu and Tallinn.

“It was an exciting challenge for us to make a 4D film for the first time,” said film director Janno Põldma from Eesti Joonisfilm Studio. “We had to acquire considerably more additional computers so that our equipment could handle the large volumes of information involved, but we were very satisfied with the results. The film is exactly like we envisioned it when we started planning it with AHHAA manager Tiiu Silla eighteen months ago. We wanted Lotte to be in the film and that the action would take place in Estonia’s natural settings.”

In the film, Lotte’s friends get to race through Estonia’s natural settings together with Tim the ladybird in a pinecone airplane. Together the audience can bounce on boletuses, zip through mole burrows, and you can even get a little wet when riding through water. At the end of the adventure, Lotte and her friends Bruno and Alfred will be waiting to greet the travellers and offer them a tasty treat.

This new film can be seen at the AHHAA 4D adventure movie theatre in Tartu’s Lõunakeskus (South Centre) and in the 4D adventure capsule at AHHAA’s branch centre in Tallinn (Vabaduse väljak 9). You have to be at least 1.1 metres tall to watch this 4D effect film. Lotte’s shorter friends need not be sad because several three-dimensional screenings take place every day for them.

It took eight months to make this film and many people were involved in making the film, headed by: art director Heiki Ernits, 3D specialists Albert Kerstna and Tauno Ööbik, animators Jaagup Metsalu and Rait Siska, music composer Sven Grünberg, texture artist Laura Linna, and 4D effects Tanel Linnas (AHHAA’s inventor).