Lotte and the Moonstone Secret DVD Arrived in Stores

The DVD of Janno Põldma and Heiki Ernits’s animated film Lotte and the Moonstone Secret will go on sale in major chain stores in Estonia and Eesti Joonisfilm Studio’s internet shop on 1 December. In addition to the film, the disc also includes Gadgetville Stories, which were produced for the 90th Independence Day of the Republic of Estonia. The film’s audio is in Estonian while subtitles are in Estonian, Russian, French and English.

Lotte and the Moonstone Secret premiered in Estonia at the end of August and was warmly received domestically – the film attracted nearly 65 000 viewers in Estonian movie theatres, making it the most popular domestic film of the last four years.

Lotte and the Moonstone Secret tells the story of a merry and curious girl dog who finds herself in a great adventure together with the traveller dog Klaus, in the course of which they meet Voldemar the pig, who collects raindrops, three-eared moon rabbits who have travelled to Earth from the Moon, Paul the lovesick cat, and other amusing characters. Critics have mentioned the charming, warm mood that prevails in the film and the fact that friendship and the thirst for knowledge are the forces that keep the story going instead of fleeing and the desire for power as the reasons for the film’s popularity. The international distribution of Lotte and the Moonstone Secret, which is presently being dubbed into English in Germany, will soon begin, along with its participation at various film festivals. German film distributor Sola Media GmbH is looking after the film’s distribution worldwide.

Eesti Joonisfilm Studio and Rija Films produced Lotte and the Moonstone Secret. Its directors are Janno Põldma and Heiki Ernits. Janno Põldma, Heiki Ernits and Andrus Kivirähk wrote the film’s script. Heiki Ernits is the film’s art director. Evelin Võigemast lent her voice to girl dog Lotte and in addition, Margus Tabor, Mait Malmsten, Tõnu Oja, Priit Võigemast, Tõnu Kark, Lembit Ulfsak, Tiit Sukk, Merle Palmiste, Anu Lamp, Mikk Jürjens, Hannes Kaljujärv and other beloved actors participate in the film. The film’s producers are Kalev Tamm, Riina Sildos and Vilnis Kalnaellis.