The Long-Awaited Lotte and the Moonstone Secret is Coming to the Movie Theatres Beginning on 26 August

The new domestic family animated film Lotte and the Moonstone Secret directed by Janno Põldma and Heiki Ernits will arrive in movie theatres throughout Estonia beginning on 26 August 2011.

In this story, the beloved girl dog Lotte searches for three mysterious moonstones that traveller dog Klaus found on his last hike in the mountains. A whole series of exciting journeys and adventures await Lotte and Klaus. As in previous Lotte films, the action in Lotte and the Moonstone Secret also takes place in a friendly world that is free of violence suitable even for the littlest members of the family.

The authors of the script for Lotte and the Moonstone Secret are Janno Põldma, Heiki Ernits and Andrus Kivirähk. Evelin Pang gives girl dog Lotte her voice, and we hear Margus Tabor in the role of traveller dog Klaus. In addition, Mait Malmsten, Tõnu Oja, Priit Võigemast, Tõnu Kark, Lembit Ulfsak, Tiit Sukk, Merle Palmiste, Anu Lamp and other well-known actors complete the cast. The music composer for Lotte and the Moonstone Secret is Sven Grünberg and the film’s producers are Kalev Tamm and Riina Sildos. The film’s budget is 2.9 million euros and was completed as an Estonian-Latvian co-production. The co-production company along with Joonisfilm is Rija Films and the co-producer is Vilnis Kalnaellis.

Trailer for the film:

Synopsis of the film:
One night, something unexpected happens in Gadgetville – two mysterious strangers steal into the village and search through a suitcase belonging to the old traveller dog Klaus. Klaus and Lotte set about investigating. It soon becomes apparent that the search is for three mysterious moonstones that Klaus had found on his last trip to the mountains. Klaus and Lotte decide to visit Klaus’s travelling companions, who were left the other two stones. Soon it turns out that there are others who covet the three mysterious moonstones for themselves.

The Estonian Film Foundation, the National Film Centre of Latvia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian Cultural Endowment, Media 2007, the Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, and the Estonian Broadcasting Corporation supported the completion of this film.