Priit Pärn’s animated films Breakfast on the Grass and Hotel E were selected by the ASIFA international Animated Film Association as two of the 50 best films of the last 50 years.

In connection with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ASIFA (International Animated Film Association), the ASIFA 50 on 50 competition was announced with the aim of determining the 50 most noteworthy animated films that have been created over the past half-century during which the International Animated Film Association has operated.
The jury selected the 51 most noteworthy films (two films with equal point totals shared 15th place) from among the 852 films that were initially entered.
Eesti Joonisfilm is very pleased and honoured to announce that among the selected animated films, Priit Pärn’s cel animation film BREAKFAST ON THE GRASS is in 11th place, and his cel animation film HOTEL E is in 36th place.
The jury consisted of 25 experts in animated film from 5 continents and 18 countries. All the members of the jury are experts in animated film – critics, historians, lecturers, festival managers and festival programme coordinators. The honorary president of ASIFA jubilee events Raoul Servais together with ASIFA president Nelson Shin approved the members of the jury.
The ASIFA international animated film organisation was created in 1960 in Annecy, France to unite the creators of animated films from all over the world.
ASIFA also plans in the near future to release a DVD set of all 51 selected films.

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